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"经典的作品都是以时间定义的,无论是莎士比亚的文字,还是毕加索画笔下抽象的色彩,亦或是卓别林演绎的黑白无声电影,都沉淀在每个人的记忆.它是能够在其领域留下独特印记的,是能够在浪漫时光长河中永远绽放魅力的,彼岸视觉创意婚纱摄影用光影记录爱情,用照片封存记忆,幸福、浪漫、时尚、纪实,只为让每个细节无可挑剔!" "Classic works is defined, whether Shakespeare's words, or Picasso's abstract under the brush colour, or a Chaplin of black and white and silent film, all precipitation in everyone's memory. It is to be able to leave a unique mark in their field, is to be able to romantic charm forever bloom in a long time, the other visual creative wedding photography recorded in light love, with photo storage memory, happiness, romantic, fashion, documentary, only for the perfect every detail "